“Oh, don't let all the joking around fool ya— I've got kind of a thing for killing.”




Bulmung is from Plegia a province on Domhain. In his childhood, His parents did not truly love him and sought to get rid of their son by sending him to Strexcorp where his belief in a Smiling God came to be. As a result, he has difficulty expressing emotion in any form aside from a smile and is slow to feel pain.

Former companion’s note his complete lack of humanity when he admits that the only reason he informed them of his lords plan to assassinate their leader was so it would not “waste a perfectly fun war,” as Ylisse was “weak enough” as it was. However, despite this he does exhibit positive traits in his supports, such as his complete obedience to the Smiling God. At one point they describe him as “having the oddest ways of putting a person’s mind at ease” due to his cavalier yet upbeat attitudes concerning mortality. they also mention that he seems to keep people at a distance, claiming that his smiling and laughter seem hollow. They describe Bulmung as liking blood to which he states it is a medical condition and admits that he’s humouring them by letting them try to help him through his “emotional issues”.

Bulmung gets along well with animals; when he was a child, he befriended a wolf, but it was unfortunately killed by villagers when it attempted to visit him, causing him much grief and to spill their blood. He was also abandoned in a forest for some amount of time as a child, and he cites that as to how he gets along well with animals.

When Bulmung appears for the first time, he is accompanied by a flock of crows.


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